Umicore says that it has created a new, simplified reporting structure consisting of three business groups.

‘The clustering is aligned with the strategic priorities of the group and anticipates the planned divestment of the company's zinc-related activities,’ the company said. The new business groups are as follows:

  • Recycling, including jewellery and industrial metals, platinum engineered materials, precious metals management, precious metals refining and technical materials
  • Catalysis, including automotive catalysts and precious metals chemistry
  • Energy and surface technologies, including colbalt and specialty materials electroplating, electro-optic materials, element six abrasives, rechargeable battery materials and thin film products.

The building products and zinc chemicals business units will be reported separately until their effective divestment.

Umicore has changed the executive committee responsibilities to reflect the organizational changes and in anticipation of CEO Hugo Morel's planned retirement in September.

Géraldine Nolens will join the executive committee and will assume oversight of Environment Health & Safety while continuing to serve as chief counsel for the group, while the recycling business group will be overseen by Denis Goffaux and Stephan Csoma, each with distinct areas of responsibility.

Denis Goffaux will assume oversight for the precious metals refining activities in addition to his role as CTO and Stephan Csoma will assume oversight for the other business units in the recycling business group.

Marc Van Sande will assume responsibility for the energy & surface technologies business group while Pascal Reymondet will remain responsible for the xatalysis activities.

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