Umicore has announced today some changes to the composition of its executive committee and board of directors.

Marc van Sande, executive vice president energy and surface technologies, will retire on 31 March after 38 years of service. Van Sande had previously held other key positions in Umicore, including five years as Chief technology officer and the leadership of our the advanced materials business group. He has been appointed as senior advisor to the board of directors.

Denis Goffaux, chief technology officer, has been appointed to succeed van Sande. Goffaux has been chief technology officer since 2010 and added the responsibility for precious metals refining in 2015. Denis will act as Chief Technology Officer ad interim until the appointment of a successor.

Stephan Csoma will take on responsibility for the entire recycling business group including precious metals refining. Stephan has been a member of the executive committee since 2012, prior to which he set in place our advocacy activities.

The Board of Directors has decided to propose Koenraad Debackere as a new board member, to replace Rudi Thomaes who will not seek re-election. Dr Debackere has been with KU Leuven since 1995, where he teaches technology and innovation management and policy.

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