Kyocera has launched the MFH mini, a small-diameter, high-feed hardmetal endmill for processing metal parts.

The MFH mini consists of a newly developed insert and a dedicated holder. The insert features a unique design which reduces impact on the insert when making initial contact with the workpiece, thus achieving smooth cutting with low resistance. As a result, the product reduces chattering and enables increased feed rates. In addition, the MFH mini exhibits high chip evacuation due to the design of the newly developed chipbreaker.

The cemented carbide product is available with a CVD*2 and a PVD*3 coated insert. Using an insert with a suitable coating based on work material characteristics can improve the endmill’s wear and fracture resistance.

The newly developed LOGU insert with the GM chipbreaker is suitable for face milling, shouldering, contouring, slotting, pocketing, ramping, and helical milling required for mold processing and other applications. It can process various materials, ranging from general and mold steels to traditionally difficult-to-cut materials such as Ni-based heat-resistant.

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