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Devices and structures made on a nanoscale now have a number of real world applications, and the potential for further development is still growing. However, both characterizing and converting the latest ideas and designs into results can pose a significant technical barrier.

The techniques discussed in the papers below, including correlative tomography, focused ion beam fabrication, differential phase contrast in electron microscopy and environmental TEM, comprise a range of powerful tools for the study of materials for application in electronics, energy, medicine and beyond.

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Influence of total beam current on HRTEM image resolution in differentially pumped ETEM with nitrogen gas
A.N. Bright, K. Yoshida, N. Tanaka
Ultramicroscopy, 12, Pages 46–51.

In situ Transmission Electron Microscopy of catalyst sintering
Andrew T. DeLaRiva, Thomas W. Hansen, Sivakumar R. Challa, Abhaya K. Datye
Journal of Catalysis, 308, Pages 291–305.

In situ environmental transmission electron microscopy to determine transformation pathways in supported Ni nanoparticles
Santhosh Chenna, Peter A. Crozier
Micron, 43(11), Pages 1188–1194.

Direct observation of hydrogen spillover in Ni-loaded Pr-doped ceria
Vaneet Sharma, Peter A. Crozier, Renu Sharma, James B. Adams
Catalysis Today, 180(1), Pages 2–8.


3D Nanoprototyping with a DualBeam


Exploiting the flexibility of modern electron microscopy solutions for advanced materials research
Christian Maunders, Erdmann Spiecker

Advanced TEM Characterization for the Materials Scientist
Thomas LaGrange, Marco Cantoni,  Yuri Rikers

Bridging the gap - opening up large volumes to 3D electron microscopy
Brandon Van Leer, Prof. Philip J. Withers

Correlative tomography in materials science
Philip J. Withers, Pascal Doux

Focused ion beam fabrication of resonant antennas for nanoscale imaging
Rainer Hillenbrand, Laurent Roussel

Differential phase contrast in STEM: imaging of internal magnetic and electric fields
Josef Zweck, Bert Freitag

Imaging heterogeneous catalysts in the working state
Stig Helveg, Joerg Jinschek

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