Join over 10,000 chemists, chemical engineers, academicians, graduate and undergraduate students, and other related industry professionals as we explore the Spring 2015 National theme: Chemistry of Natural Resources. An ACS National Meeting & Exposition offers you unparralleled opportunities to network with your peers, advance your career and explore new science and opportunities the industry. Why attend?

Important Dates

  • Most division abstract deadlines are in October, 2014, please see full list.
  • Event planning resources and forms and virtual EMS will be available on October 10, 2014
  • Attendee Registration opens mid-December 2014. See Registration Fees below.
  • Preliminary Program publishes in C&EN January, 2015
  • Final Technical Program will be available March, 2015

Theme Overview

The theme for the Denver meeting “Chemistry of Natural Resources” addresses topics important to life in the 21st Century, but is of particular relevance to the Rocky Mountain region and therefore most appropriate for the Denver meeting. The State of Colorado relies heavily on chemical processing, a topic which is frequently overlooked by traditional chemists. The theme permits opportunities to describe resource management issues: novel technologies for extraction and purification of minerals and other resources from the ground, upcoming challenges associated with water consumption, conservation and reuse, broader conversation about recycling of
resources, and identification of alternative materials. The theme represents the full range of scientific issues from nanoscale to mesoscale and extends to largescale length and time domains.

Dr. Robert Weber - Program Theme Organizer - 249th National Meeting & Exposition
Catalysis Science Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory