This 24th Annual Forum on Advanced Materials will bring together professors, PhD students, students and people from industry involved in theory, experiment and computer simulations under one roof to achieve systemic understanding of connections between structures, interactions, processing and properties in polymer materials science. This is a long-term activity, not aimed at temporary fashions. From the very beginning one of the important aims of the conference is to give young scientists a forum to present their results and to meet with distinguished scientists from all over the world.

The conference will cover such scientific areas of polymeric materials for emerging technologies as:

  1. Characterization Methods and Structure-Properties Relations
  2. Predictive Methods, Modelling, and Simulation
  3. Green Polymers, Green Engineering and Recycling
  4. Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
  5. Fibers, Interfaces and Composite Materials
  6. Nanomaterials and Smart Materials
  7. Dielectric, Electrical, Magnetic, Optical and Optoelectronic Properties
  8. Polymers in Electronics and Optoelectronics Devices
  9. Progress in Polymer Synthesis
  10. Mechanical Properties and Performance
  11. Characterization with Scanning Probe Microscopes
  12. Rheology, Solutions and Processing
  13. Processing and Properties of Semicrystalline Polymers