Over the past few years, the growing and intensive development in materials science & engineering changed the way the materials are synthesized, processed, analyzed, characterized and used in products. Also the enormous growth in the information technology and its use in the manufacturing sector lead to significant change in the material processing methods and tools supporting the manufacturing technologies. The current developments like virtual manufacturing, artificial intelligence & industrial IoT aspects, intelligent manufacturing systems etc. aims at the digital transformation of manufacturing techniques and connected processes. Today, world is in the midst of significant transformation regarding the ways industry produce products and/or deliver services. This revolution results in improving product performance, productivity, shift economics, fostering industrial growth and modifying the profile of the workforce – ultimately changing the competitiveness of companies and regions. These developments, in materials, materials engineering, ways of manufacturing and manufacturing support systems, result exponential emerging of current Industrial Revolution rather than a linear pace.
  There is a great need to enhance the knowledge about the state-of-the-art developments in materials science, the integration of advanced materials with current material processing techniques and modern manufacturing support tools to meet the current age industrial revolution.

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