This conference will emphasizes recent advances in the chemical sciences field to solve the human problems related to food, water, energy, healthcare and Life style and future developments. The conference will bring researchers together from broad range of research backgrounds across several carrier stages of from both academia and industry to explore the theme of the conference. The conference will include keynote address, plenary talks, invited talks, oral presentation and poster sessions. This conference provides an opportunity for all delegates to discuss their research with the aim to stimulate future industry and academic collaborations to solve the human problems related to food, water, energy and healthcare. The topics focused during the conference will include: Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Organometallic chemistry, Solid-state chemistry, Forensic chemistry, Chemical kinetics, Surface chemistry, Medicinal chemistry; Green chemistry, Catalysis, Supramolecular chemistry, Nanoscience, Materials chemistry, Chemical and bio-sensors, Computational chemistry, Solar energy conversion, Optoelectronics and devices, Waste water treatment and Food chemistry.

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