Organised every other year, the International Conference on Inorganic Membranes (ICIM) is the premier venue for reporting and discussing the latest developments in the field of inorganic membranes.

The proposed programme of the 13th edition (ICIM2014) will build upon the undeniable success of previous ICIM conferences, covering the broad range of fields that have come to be represented. However, ICIM2014 will be particularly focused on the most urgent and pressing needs facing society in the early 21st century, namely “Water, Food, Health, Energy and the Environment” and the background membrane research pointing to the way forward.

Practitioners in the field are obviously aware of the tremendous opportunities to address these challenges using inorganic membrane science and technology – indeed the future sustainability and prosperity of the entire world relies on sustainable, affordable and environmentally benign membrane technologies being developed and commercialised. Membrane technology is a truly enabling technology. For this reason the proposed ICIM2014 programme will include many topics as set out below under the theme “Water, Food, Health, Energy and the Environment”. We will also endeavour to include any novel topics which may be in the interest of the research community, government and industry.

Topics List:

  • Membrane reactors
  • Gas separation
  • Desalination and water treatment
  • Bio-fuel processing
  • Characterisation
  • Modelling
  • Carbon, ceramic, zeolite and metal alloy membranes
  • Hollow fibres
  • Hierarchical membrane structures
  • Novel membrane materials (i.e. CNT and MOF)
  • Scale up
  • Engineering design
  • Sealing materials and design
  • Process integration
  • Novel process applications
  • Fuel cell membranes
  • Food processing
  • Bio-mimetic membranes
  • Drug delivery
  • Biosensors and biomedical
  • Inorganic hybrid membranes