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Engineered hydrogels for regenerative medicine applications
24 November 2014 | 4.00pm GMT, 5.00pm CET, 11.00am EST | Ali Khademhosseini

With an overwhelming response to Yury Gogotsi's webinar MXenes: a new family of two-dimensional materials on the 2nd October 2014, please see below the Q&A from the event.

Once again, thank you Yury for an amazing webinar, it really was a fantastic event. It is available to watch on demand here.

Victor Abrukov: Do you think the task of creating the knowledge base is relevant and realizable? Can you make a comment on the task of creating the knowledge base at the seminar?

Yury Gogotsi: Yes, I believe that it is possible to create a “knowledge base” – it is a relevant and realizable task. We have a so known “material genome” project in the US, which is close to your idea of “knowledge base”.

Zongyuan Lin: We use the Ti3C2(OH)x etched from Ti3AlC2 to get 2D Ti3C2 nanosheets. And we follow the method  mentioned in your papers to make it done. But, we haven't succeed! Would you please give us some  suggestions?

Yury Gogotsi: It is difficult to say why – several other groups in China have successfully reproduced the process. Maybe this is a different structure of the MAX phase. Effects of temperature and time were described in detail in our paper: O. Mashtalir, M. Naguib, B. Dyatkin, Y. Gogotsi, M.W. Barsoum, Kinetics of aluminum extraction from Ti3AlC2 in hydrofluoric acid, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 139, 147-152 (2013)

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