Materials chemistry news, August 2021

Researchers have produced carbon nanotube fibers that can act as a thermoelectric generator, able to turn heat into electricity.

Improved technology for “stubborn” group of metals for thin films in electronics

Researchers have found a way to turn a middling monomer into a tough polymer that can still be depolymerized back to the monomer state.

Researchers have developed nanofibers where energy can take advantage of quantum mechanics to move thousands of times faster than normal.

A novel high-temperature coating material could greatly extend the lifetime of parts made from silicon carbide in jet engines.

New material outperforms activated carbon in aqueous environments

By adding organic ligands to 'stubborn' metals like tungsten and platinum, researchers have managed to evaporate them at significantly lower temperatures.

Researchers have uncovered evidence that a novel superconductor exhibits a charge density wave state that creates its own magnetic field.

Novel manganese complexes possess the luminescent properties and photocatalytic behavior normally associated with noble metal compounds.

By removing oxygen from polycrystalline tin selenide, researchers have produced the most efficient thermoelectric system on record.

Discovery of New Nonlinear Optical Materials

A material created by mixing an amino acid with a fluorinated oil can switch between a film and a bead to remove fluorine-based pollutants from water.

Making self-adjusting materials systems with standard 3D printers

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