Materials chemistry news, October 2021

Using a new material, researchers have created a spatial light modulator that can change its optical properties in response to electric signals.

Improvements to elastic polymer could reduce plastic pollution

Elastic polymer conflict resolved to help reduce plastic pollution

Understanding how the mechanism by which mussels produce their glue

A novel machine-learning model that understands symmetry in materials can, for the first time, search an unstructured image database and identify trends.

Researchers have developed a composite fabric, incorporating a metal-organic framework, that can deactivate both biological and chemical threats.

Researchers have found an excellent bifunctional catalyst, containing platinum and lead, for the oxygen electrode in a unitized regenerative fuel cell.

By engineering electron donor and electron acceptor materials, researchers can overcome a key loss mechanism in organic solar cells.

By combining a solid-state electrolyte with an all-silicon anode, researchers have produced the first silicon all-solid-state battery.

GaN-on-diamond shown to be innovative semiconductor material for first time

Researchers have created a collaborative artificial intelligence tool that reduces the time and effort required to discover truly new materials.

3D-printed cheap and portable ventilators to combat Covid-19

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