Materials chemistry news, November 2021

Assessing how biowaste can be used in optical applications

Using waste biomass as an environmentally friendly alternative

Researchers have developed a novel biohybrid photocatalyst comprising a light-harvesting protein and a metal-containing catalyst.

Sweat sensors for non-invasive healthcare monitoring

Ultra-high material efficient solar cell using semiconductor nanowires

A new analysis technique will help scientists create better supercapacitors, especially supercapacitors made from layers of different materials.

Researchers took advantage of the artificial intelligence technology behind deepfakes to create novel high-performance alloys.

Researchers have developed a new type of carbon-fiber-reinforced composite that is strong and light but can be repeatedly healed with heat.

An exploration of the amazing world of surface science.

Researchers have found a way to create and stabilize so-called 'blue phase liquid crystals', which can be switched on and off incredibly quickly.

Researchers have developed a machine-learning system that can optimize new 3D printing materials with multiple mechanical properties.

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