Materials chemistry news, April 2022

Designing biomolecules for adaptive properties

Spontaneous emergence of complex patterns in mixtures of biomolecules

Color-changing chameleon inspires printed photonics

colloidal photonic crystal ink enables printing of 2D and 3D colored structures using additive manufacturing techniques

By adding ferrocene molecules into perovskite solar cells, researchers have been able to vastly improve the cells’ efficiency and stability.

Using novel nanocapsules, researchers have developed a 3D printing process that makes it possible to print an object within a volume of resin.

Improved 3D printing by reducing harmful heat build-up

Researchers have discovered that heating plastic waste in the presence of potassium acetate produces particles that can absorb carbon dioxide.

Researchers have developed a novel way to produce doped graphene by modifying their flash Joule heating process.

Chemists have deveoped a novel catalytic process for upcycling the common plastic polystyrene into the useful chemical benzoic acid.

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