Materials chemistry news, May 2022

For the first time, researchers have managed to reliably synthesize a new allotrope of carbon called graphyne.

Researchers have developed a novel coating that can give paper some of the properties of plastic, including enhanced strength and water-resistance.

Splitting electron spins in magnetic material

Renewable hydrogen production using perovskites

Invention could lead to renewable energy being stored and moved around

Researchers have developed a method for simultaneously synthesizing and analyzing novel materials under very high compression pressures.

Researchers have created a new qubit platform for quantum computing by trapping a single electron in a frozen neon gas.

3D-printed, deformable electrodes and separators based on nanocellulose are promising for stretchable Li-ion batteries

Researchers have discovered a combination of acids that can gently separate carbon nanotubes in solution and turn them into films and fibers.

Researchers have devised a treatment process that allows them to heat nanocellulose paper to make it superconducting without damaging its structure.

New glass-in-glass fabrication process

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