Materials chemistry news, January 2023

Novel electrochemical transistor makes a stand

Researchers have developed an electrochemical transistor based on a new kind of electronic polymer and a vertical, instead of planar, architecture.

Researchers have shown that shining a laser through a tube filled with a particular ionic liquid can downshift the laser’s energy and change its color.

Electrode screen-printing process for health monitoring

A new type of material made from millions of identical, interlocking molecules can form 2D and 3D structures that are flexible, strong and resilient.

new scaffold material support bone regeneration and regrowth, while reducing chance of infection

Improved high-voltage, hermetically sealed microbattery design

Breakthrough in light-driven microelectronic devices

Researchers have found a way to stop cellulose nanocrystals from clumping together in liquid, by covering them in negatively charged cellulose chains.

Using a novel technique, a durable coating for converting toxic gases in the air into less toxic substances can be precisely integrated into fabric.

A new catalyst technology can convert corn into chemicals used in the manufacture of products such as paints, coatings and diapers.

A new method of heating and cooling called ‘ionocaloric cooling’ uses the movement of ions to induce a phase change in a mixture of salt and solvent.

electrochemical, microfluidic polymer-based biosensor uses CRISPR assays to offer quick, low-cost, accurate point-of-care testing for SARS-CoV-2 infection

Researchers have found a way to produce a gel sheet that can absorb and hold about three times more water-based liquid than a paper towel.

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