Materials chemistry news, April 2023

Conventional looms produce unconventional textiles

Researchers have developed flexible displays and smart fabrics that can be made on the same industrial looms used to make conventional textiles.

MXenes promise versatile thermal management

transition metal carbide and carbonitride MXenes possess optical properties in the visible and IR range ideal for thermal management applications

conductive additive to high-Ni cathode boosts performance and cyclability of all-solid-state batteries

New imaging technique reveals toxicity and the potential harm of gold nanoparticles

Environmentally friendly printed electronics

Lightning invokes chemical reaction in a fulgurite

Researchers have made solid-state batteries safer and more efficient by adding a special layer between the solid-state electrolyte and the anode.

Researchers have produced a mixed magnon state in an organic hybrid perovskite, which could prove useful for storing quantum information.

Researchers have developed a computational model that can predict which metal-organic frameworks will be most stable.

Strong interactions between the layers of a stack of 2D polymers can helped that stack retain the high stiffness and strength of a single 2D polymer.

Researchers have shown that a thin coating of the 2D material known as MXene can enhance a material’s ability to trap or shed heat.

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