Call for papers: Atomic Layer Deposition virtual special issue in Materials Today Chemistry

Materials Today Chemistry has issued a call for papers of original and unpublished work for a Virtual Special Issue of the journal, which is devoted to Recent Advances in Atomic Layer Deposition.

This special issue aims at covering recent developments with reviews and research articles in the areas that include but not limited to:

  • Design of new ALD precursors with enhanced surface chemistry
  • Implementation of metrology and modeling to improve the understanding of the ALD chemistry.
  • Understanding and controlling the nucleation and growth on various substrates and controlling the area-selectivity of ALD
  • Novel, emerging applications of ALD

The Guest Editors for this issue are Naoufal Bahlawane, LIST, Luxembourg, and Mato Knez, nanoGUNE, Spain.

This initiative is related to the COST action HERALD “Hooking together European research in Atomic Layer Deposition” (MP1402). However, submissions are not restricted to the participants of this COST action.

Submission instructions:

Submitted papers should comply with the Guide for Authors of Materials Today Chemistry. Visit the journal homepage for further details.

The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2018. Contributors to this special issue should select: "VSI: RA in Atom Deposition" in the online submission system upon submission. 

As a Virtual Special Issue, all accepted papers will be published without delay, as part of regular issues, before being collected together into a dedicated collection on ScienceDirect.

Click here to visit the Materials Today Chemistry journal homepage: follow the "Submit your Paper" link to submit.