Celebrating National Chemistry Week

National Chemistry Week celebrates the impact chemistry has on the world – this year it shines a light on the way chemistry contributes through color.

With 285 chemistry journals, Elsevier publishes some of the world’s top color-related research, strengthening the impact researchers can have in the real world.

To mark National Chemistry Week, we are providing free access to ten chemistry articles published in 2015 that brighten up the world.

Follow the links below to access the papers, or read more about them by clicking here.

On The Generation of Interferometric Colors in High Purity and Technical Grade Aluminum: An Alternative Green Process for Metal Finishing Industry
Electrochimica Acta
Volume 174, 20 August 2015, Pages 672–681

Dual-nodal PMMA-supported Eu3 +-containing metallopolymer with high color-purity red luminescence
Inorganic Chemistry Communications
Volume 60, October 2015, Pages 51–53

The effect of temperature, pH, and ionic strength on color stability of red wine
Volume 71, Issue 20, 20 May 2015, Pages 3027–3031

Colour removal from beet molasses by ultrafiltration with activated charcoal
Chemical Engineering Journal
Volume 283, 1 January 2016, Pages 313–322

Characterization of the pigment in naturally yellow-colored domestic silk
Dyes and Pigments
Volume 124, January 2016, Pages 6–11

Evaluation of a digital colour imaging system for assessing the mixture quality of spice powder mixes by comparison with a salt conductivity method
Powder Technology
Volume 286, December 2015, Pages 48–54

Differentiation between anonymous paintings of the 17th and the early 18th century by composition of clay-based grounds
Applied Clay Science
Volume 118, December 2015, Pages 8–20

A Noachian source region for the “Black Beauty” meteorite, and a source lithology for Mars surface hydrated dust?
Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Volume 427, 1 October 2015, Pages 104–111

Effects of phosphate and silicate on the transformation of hydroxycarbonate green rust to ferric oxyhydroxides
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Volume 171, 15 December 2015, Pages 1–14

Design of a cool color glaze for solar reflective tile application
Ceramics International
Volume 41, Issue 9, Part A, November 2015, Pages 11106–11116

The effect of phosphorus and nitrogen co-doped on the synthesis of diamond at high pressure and high temperature
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials
Volume 54, January 2016, Pages 309–314

“Green ink in all colors”—Printing ink from renewable resources
Progress in Organic Coatings
Volume 78, January 2015, Pages 287–292