In memory of Dr John W. Cahn, the World renowned researcher in metallurgy, who sadly passed away earlier this week, Acta Materialia Inc. and Materials Today have compiled a virtual special issue of Dr Cahn's most cited Acta Materialia papers, which are available to download below.

Dr Cahn was the recipient of such honors as the National Medal of Science, the Kyoto Prize for Advanced Technology, and the Acta Materialia gold medal, and known for such work as applying the laws of thermodynamics to explain phase separation, via the Cahn–Hilliard equation.

"For over five decades Dr. Cahn was a phenomenal contributor to Acta Materialia and to the field of Materials Science and Engineering, shaping the thinking of the entire discipline and all those that intellectually connect with it," said Prof Chris Schuh, Coordinating Editor for the Acta Materialia journals, "Our community has lost a giant, but we will continue to celebrate his contributions for decades to come."

Dr Cahn's most cited papers are available to download here:

On spinodal decomposition Acta Metallurgica (1961)

A microscopic theory for antiphase boundary motion and its application to antiphase domain coarsening Acta Metallurgica (1979, Co-Author: S.M Allen)

The impurity-drag effect in grain boundary motion Acta Metallurgica (1962)

On spinodal decomposition in cubic crystals Acta Metallurgica (1962)

Overview no. 41: The interactions of composition and stress in crystalline solids Acta Metallurgica (1985, Co-Author: F. C Larché)

Theory of crystal growth and interface motion in crystalline materials Acta Metallurgica (1960)

Coupling grain boundary motion to shear deformation Acta Materialia? (2006, Co-Authors: Y. Mishin & A. Suzuki)

The kinetics of cellular segregation reactions Acta Metallurgica (1959)

The molecular mechanism of solidification Acta Metallurgica (1964, Co-Authors: W.B Hillig & G.W Sears)

A linear theory of thermochemical equilibrium of solids under stress Acta Metallurgica (1973, Co-Author: F. C Larché)