Acta Materialia, Scripta Materialia, Acta Biomaterialia, and Materialia are looking for Editors 

Owing to the growth of our journals, the success of our new offering (Materialia), the recent launch of our book series, and expected changes in the coming years, we anticipate a need for multiple Editors to join our team. A number of capacities are possible, including as Editors or Principal Editors for these titles (see job descriptions below). All areas of Materials Science and Engineering are of interest; some areas of expansion include functional materials, hydrogen and radiation effects, electrochemical aspects of materials, and soft materials or materials chemistry. The Acta Journals value diversity, and our desire is to form and maintain an editorial team that is representative of the community.

Interested applicants should send a full-form academic CV, a short summary of their experience with the Acta family journals, and a cover letter detailing their interest and proposed new directions that they would hope to champion for the journals. It is anticipated that successful applicants will be in tenured full-time academic positions (or their equivalent), and would be able to devote significant effort each week to the position as an outside paid activity.

Please submit materials to Applications will be screened continuously, but to ensure that yours is given full consideration, please submit before January 31, 2021.

Principal Editor: Takes overall management responsibility for a journal, including defining directions in regard to content, paper handling, publication standards and supervision of the editorial teams. Manages the central activity of screening all incoming papers and distributing these to Editors for processing. Manages the solicitation of special content for the journal, and engages in community activities on behalf of the journal. Requires multiple hours per week of effort. Editor: Receives newly submitted papers to evaluate on a continuous basis. Makes technical evaluations, solicits reviewer feedback, and renders final judgment on revision and publication. Requires multiple hours per week of effort.

Associate Editor: Provides supporting technical expertise for a primary editor. Receives newly submitted papers from the associated primary editor to process on his/her behalf. Makes technical evaluations, solicits reviewer feedback, submits editorial decision recommendations to primary editor who in turn finalizes the decision and notifies the authors. Requires 1-2 hours per week of effort. Book and

Special Issues Editor: works closely with the Acta editors and Elsevier Acquisitions Editor to select and recommend topics and potential authors to contribute to the newly launched Acta Materialia Book Series. Coordinates the decision-making process for unsolicited book proposals. Serves as editor/coordinator of special content issues for Acta Materialia and Scripta Materialia. Weekly time commitment will vary.

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