We are delighted to announce that the first issue of Materials Discovery is now freely available to download on ScienceDirect.

This inaugural issue of Materials Discovery brings together a set of papers that represent the full scale of diversity in the modalities of materials science and engineering research; ranging from computational to experimental work; from inorganic to biological materials systems and from perspectives at the atomistic and molecular scales behavior to macro-scale engineering performance. Along with this cross-cutting taxonomy of contributions, all the papers address some aspect of data analytics and information science in a novel and unique way.

The journal aims to utilize all aspects of the emerging field of Materials Informatics including the understanding of the nature of data collection, interpretation of data, and advancing the understanding of the mechanisms governing materials behavior underlying the design and discovery of new materials.

Articles in the first issue include

These inaugural papers provide evidence of the breadth and depth of analysis of the papers Materials Discovery is seeking from the community. For more information or to submit a paper, please visit the journal homepage.

Krishna Rajan, Editor-in-Chief

Joe d’Angelo, Publisher