Past, present and future - the evolution of x-ray analysis

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Energy Dispersive X-ray Microanalysis has a long history marked by major milestones in the technology. These advancements have accelerated the capabilities towards analytical solutions for many fields of science.  As the technology evolves, system performance reaches new levels and the number of applications continues to grow.

This webinar will start with an introduction to the underlying fundamentals of x-ray microanalysis and will then lead into an overview of the evolution of system hardware and detector performance.  The advancements in detector capabilities have opened the doors to new types of data collection and analysis.  With an understanding of the benefits of the latest technology, the webinar will conclude with some examples of applications, which are now possible because of these state of the art new developments.


Jens Rafaelsen, Applications Engineer, EDAX
Tara Nylese, Global Applications Manager, EDAX
Dr. Baptiste Gault (Moderator), Materials Science Publisher


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