Bin Liu: The Wonderful World of AIEgens

We are delighted to announce that the first lectures in the Materials Today Materials in Society lecture series are now available.

The lecture series reveals how materials science is tackling some of the world’s biggest issues, exploring the huge improvements the applications of research make to the way that we live and work today.

The third of the presentations in the series was given by Bin Liu (National University of Singapore) titled: "The Wonderful World of AIEgens". The Materials Today Materials in Society lecture series launched in 2015 at the joint  ICMAT and IUMRS-ICA meeting in Singapore; a major materials science event.

This lecture will showcase the impact of AIEgens in electronic, environmental and biomedical applications. It is textbook knowledge that chromophore aggregation usually quenches light emission. The conceptualization of aggregation-induced emission (AIE) changes this general belief and provides a new stage for the exploration of practically useful luminescent materials.

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