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This page has been created to highlight some of the most recent research articles, review articles and communications published in Elsevier's Materials family of open access journals.

Materials Journals Open Access Titles

Materials Today Advances:

Removal of water-soluble dyes and pharmaceutical wastes by combining the photocatalytic properties of Ag3PO4 with the adsorption properties of halloysite nanotubes

E. Nyankson, R.V. Kumar | Article 100025

Multiscale synchrotron scattering studies of the temperature-dependent changes in the structure and deformation response of a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer

T. Sui, E. Salvati, H. Zhang, I.P. Dolbnya, A.M. Korsunsky | Article 100024

Recent advances of n-type low-cost PbSe-based thermoelectric materials

B.H. Jia, B.B. Jiang, J.Q. He | Article 100029

Amorphous–nanocrystalline alloys: fabrication, properties, and applications

F.C. Li, T. Liu, J.Y. Zhang, S. Shuang, ... Y. Yang | Article 100027

Perspectives and challenges of rechargeable lithium–air batteries

N. Imanishi, O. Yamamoto | Article 100031

New network architectures with tunable mechanical properties inspired by origami

N. Yang, Y. Deng, Z.F. Mao, Y.T. Chen, ... X.D. Niu | Article 100028

Materials Journals Open Access Titles

Materials Today Bio:

Shape-defined solid micro-objects from poly(d,l-lactic acid) as cell-supportive counterparts in bottom-up tissue engineering

A.M. Leferink, M.P. Tibbe, E.G.B.M. Bossink, L.E. de Heus, ... R.K. Truckenmüller | Article 100025

Microfluidic nutrient gradient–based three-dimensional chondrocyte culture-on-a-chip as an in vitro equine arthritis model

J. Rosser, B. Bachmann, C. Jordan, I. Ribitsch, ... F. Jenner | Article 100023

Printing bone in a gel: using nanocomposite bioink to print functionalised bone scaffolds

G. Cidonio, M. Cooke, M. Glinka, J.I. Dawson, ... R.O.C. Oreffo | Article 100028

Effect of peristaltic-like movement on bioengineered intestinal tube

S. Sibilio, V. De Gregorio, F. Urciuolo, P.A. Netti, G. Imparato | Article 100027

Honeycomb blocks composed of carbonate apatite, β-tricalcium phosphate, and hydroxyapatite for bone regeneration: effects of composition on biological responses

K. Hayashi, R. Kishida, A. Tsuchiya, K. Ishikawa | Article 100031

Introduction of lactobionic acid ligand into mixed-charge nanoparticles to realize in situ triggered active targeting to hepatoma cells

H. Li, X. Li, Y. Wang, J. Ji | Article 100034

Janus particles: design, preparation, and biomedical applications

H. Su, C.-A. Hurd Price, L. Jing, Q. Tian, ... K. Qian | Article 100033