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Materials Science comment, February 2014

Time to introduce standards into nanotechnology?

Characterizing minerals, rocks and soil - on Mars,

Extreme weather, and materials science.

Improving oil recovery, by enhancing oil recovery methods.

Liquid air may be part of the answer to our energy storage problems.

The solar industry reaches a major milestone.

Heart attack treatment in the UK versus Sweden.

Smaller, more efficient batteries.

Targeted funding to promote nanoscience.

"Structural batteries" improve performance.

How do we tackle the global problem of electronic waste?

The end of eye drops; help for Glaucoma patients.

David Bradley reflects on 25 years in science communication - graphene condoms, sex sells and side-stepping hype.

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energy efficient process uses bacteria to produce bone-like porous CaCO3-based composites

Current research


lupin hull biowaste could offer a cheap, abundant, and environmentally friendly, feedstock for biomaterials and bioplastics


By incorporating bacteria into a hydrogel, researchers have developed a 3D-printable bioink that can mineralize over the course of a few days.

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