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Lipo-hydrogel drug carrier for bone regeneration - (Applied Materials Today)

New understanding for metallic failure - (Acta Materialia)

Designing a hydrogel for blood vessel formation - (Biomaterials)

“Trojan horse” nanoparticles transfer drugs into cancer cells - (European Polymer Journal)

Using waste to solve nuclear waste conundrum: a possible solution - (Journal of Nuclear Materials)

Hydrophillic biomaterials influence macrophage response and regulate a pro-healing microenvironment - (Biomaterials)

Human tissue-engineered skin model integrating a nerve network - (Acta Biomaterialia)

Beaded GelMA hydrogel outperforms bulk material - (Biomaterials)

Kinetics-controlled, same protocol, different shape Pt nanocrystals production for optimized catalytic activity - (Materials Today)

Micro-topographies as biomechanical niche for tendon tissue engineering - (Acta Biomaterialia)

Photosynthetic fibres for faster wound closure - (Acta Biomaterialia)

In situ monitoring of quantitative mechanical properties in batteries - (Nano Energy)

Biofabricating functional osteochondral tissue? - (Biomaterials)

Novel strategy to regulate foreign body response and enhance in situ periodontal regeneration(Acta Biomaterialia)

Influence of the mechanical cutting process on the microstructure of SiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composite - (Materials Science and Engineering: A)

Magnetic nanostructures modify bone regenerating scaffolds - (Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces)

Study of the contribution of fibres and matrix on the bending strength of SiO2/SiO2 composite - (Ceramics International)


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