SISTEC 2021 is an event where graduate, post graduate, post-doctoral students and other researcher can expose their research activities and exchange information regarding advances in industrial science and technology for sustainable development. SISTEC 2021 is the third edition symposium to be organized by FSTI, UMP after the first time Postgraduate Symposium on Industrial Sciences & Technology 2019 (SISTEC 2019) on 22-23 August 2019 in UMP with 61 entries and 2nd Postgraduate Symposium on Industrial Sciences & Technology 2020 (SISTEC 2020 (Virtual)) on 26-27 August 2020 with a total of 93 entries. SISTEC 2021 will collaborate with Universitas Lambung Mangkurat (ULM) and Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) and will be held on 25-26th August 2021 at Grand Darul Makmur, Hotel, Kuantan. The accepted papers will be published in Materials Today: Proceedings (Elsevier).

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