Advanced materials have been increasingly used in all types of sportswear, sports equipment and facilities. This symposium aims to present the latest advancement in sports materials and technology. The scope covers the processing, characterization and performance evaluation of polymers, metals & alloys, ceramics, and composites for sports applications. The topics include, but not limited to, the following aspects:

  • Protective materials and technology: impact absorption materials and structures, e.g. helmets, body armours, braces, shin guards, etc.
  • Protective surface and coatings: UV resistant, anti-fogging, anti-slippery, self-cleaning, icephobic technology, etc.
  • Materials for sportswear: shoes, apparels, backpacks, accessories, etc.
  • Equipment in sports: bikes, golf, boards, racquets, bats, balls, etc.
  • Sports facilities: fields, playgrounds, artificial turfs, etc.
  • Computational analysis and design of sports materials and structures
  • Speciality materials: lightweight, porous, transparent, etc.

Smart materials for sports: sensing and environment-responsive materials and devices

The best papers from this symposium will be published in the journal Materials and Design.