The 20th International Conference on Wear of Materials will focus on both the fundamental and applied aspects of wear and friction of materials at the macro-, micro-, and nano-scale. It will address the understanding of tribological phenomena; particularly the progress in recent decades and a special session will concentrate on modeling of wear.

Organized every two years, the Wear of Materials Conference provides a unique international forum for researchers and practicing engineers from different disciplines to interact and exchange their latest results.
Two types of papers are invited. Both categories of papers will be peer-reviewed for technical quality and, upon acceptance, published in the special issue of Wear journal.

  • full-length research-quality papers that involve materials aspects of wear, wear analysis and wear modeling, and
  • shorter, concise case studies

These papers should report new research results in the following broad categories:

  • Basic mechanisms of friction and wear of all materials and coatings, both dry and lubricated
  • Papers on modeling and testing of friction and wear behavior
  • Materials surface engineering methods to control friction and wear

Papers should include sufficient characterization of materials and test methods so that other researchers can duplicate the experiments. Submissions will be held to high standards as contributions to the understanding of wear and for clarity of writing.

Tutorial Session: Fundamentals of Wear and Wear Testing
12th April 2015

The tutorial session, which is held on the afternoon before the conference, has the aim of providing a fundamental overview of wear and wear testing. It is designed to provide a refresher course for those with some experience of tribology, and also covers the basics for those new to the field.

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