This case-study paper tells the story of the development of a bespoke lime-pozzolan concrete for an innovative project application. In this paper the results of laboratory testing are contextualised by the project-story that steered the research programme. This is an example of a collaborative endeavour to implement a novel low-carbon construction technology in the field.

Evolution of the design in parallel with laboratory testing resulted in the development and specification of a polished lime-pozzolan concrete floor incorporating site-won oolitic limestone aggregate. To the disappointment of the client and the design team, this innovative solution was abandoned at the point the contractor was appointed and changed to a proprietary polished metallic dry shake floor system. The project, a new build extension to a local authority secondary school, was completed in September 2013.

This paper was originally published in Case Studies in Construction Materials DOI: 10.1016/j.cscm.2014.01.001.

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