Mechanical properties news, April 2022

Color-changing chameleon inspires printed photonics

colloidal photonic crystal ink enables printing of 2D and 3D colored structures using additive manufacturing techniques

Sustainable composite gets a grip of shape transformation

natural fiber-reinforced shape memory polymer morphs into different shapes in response to humidity

Using standard rheology tests, researchers have investigated why the cream in an Oreo cookie sticks to just one wafer when it is twisted apart.

Improved 3D printing by reducing harmful heat build-up

Researchers have developed a novel way to produce doped graphene by modifying their flash Joule heating process.

Researchers have developed a piezoelectric polymer that can generate electricity much more efficiently than previous versions.

A flexible display that utilizes stretchy light-emitting polymers is brighter than a cellphone and can be stretched up to twice its original length.

Researchers have shown that wrapping supercapacitor yarns with insulating threads can hep prevent short-circuits.

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3D-printed, deformable electrodes and separators based on nanocellulose are promising for stretchable Li-ion batteries


Researchers have developed a novel fiber where one side is flexible cotton and the other side is a conductive polymer.


Korean researchers investigate degradation of commercial materials in soil and seawater