Connecticut Spring & Stamping (CSS), a manufacturer of precision parts for the aerospace, medical, firearms and defense industries worldwide, announces its capabilities for producing compression springs for firearms from shaped and stranded wire. CSS’ development and prototyping assistance for both military and commercial firearms helps OEMs accomplish the right spring design, and ensures the springs are durable enough to sustain repeated use.

Using its 70-year history and diverse expertise in developing stranded wire and shaped wire springs, and its knowledge of design formulae for spring rate and equivalent direct (tensile or compressive) stresses, CSS helps OEMs design recoil compression springs that can perform properly in the extremely limited space available in most firearms.

CSS services includes consultation on stranded versus shaped wire, careful selection of wire base material, assistance with wire manufacturing stranding specifications to achieve accuracy, as well as extensive development and prototyping to assist the customer accomplish the right spring design.

About Connecticut Spring & Stamping

Headquartered in Farmington, CT, Connecticut Spring & Stamping is a manufacturer of all varieties of close tolerance precision parts for the medical, electronics, aerospace, firearms and defense industries worldwide. They provide springs, metal stampings & sub-assemblies for OEM’s worldwide.  In business since 1939, CSS prides itself in design and engineering involvement that starts with product development, and moves through prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly to warehousing and point of use. Headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut, CSS has warehousing facilities in Puerto Rico and Singapore that allow our customers to build products with just in time (JIT) inventory.

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