Nanomechanics Inc., a leading provider of tools used to test mechanical properties at the micro- and nano-levels, has introduced a new function for the iNano nanoindenter, the Remote Video Option. From the product’s inception, the iNano has allowed users to operate the system remotely, but this upgrade will allow users to view the tests from anywhere.

“Our customers run their experiments around the clock for optimal results,” said John Swindeman, CEO at Nanomechanics Inc. “With the Remote Video Option, the user can observe both test setup and sample-and-tip interaction, whether they’re in the lab or on the road.”

The product can be easily retrofitted to any existing iNano system, improving usability on the already user-friendly iNano device.

“Users get everything they need to begin recording out of the box, including a high-resolution USB camera with a magnification lock and adjustable polarizer ring,” said Swindeman. “They can mount the system and have it up and running in less than five minutes.”

A USB camera gives users two views, one of which monitors the sample and microscope during test setup, and another that focuses on the indenter tip during the test. Both views work seamlessly with the straightforward InView Review Data software.

The Remote Video Option gives labs even more freedom to measure material properties and understand test results. The easily-operated, cutting-edge tool has the benefit of being affordable, which gives more organizations access to this convenient technology.

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