Innovnano, an expert manufacturer of high performance ceramic powders, has produced 3 mol % yttria-stabilised zirconia (3YSZ) for high strength structural ceramics. Manufactured to ensure retention of an intrinsic nanostructure, Innovnano’s 3YSZ powder provides the advantageous properties associated with small grain sizes, including high chemical homogeneity and density. Ideal for technical ceramics such as valves and process equipment, nanostructured 3YSZ feedstock translates to ceramic components with exceptional bending strength, fracture resistance and tribological performance, to withstand the strain and friction that is placed on moving parts and structural elements for long-term performance.  

Offering enhanced electrical and thermal insulation properties, Innovnano’s nanostructured 3YSZ is produced via the patented Emulsion Detonation Synthesis (EDS) manufacturing technology, which ensures an even distribution of yttria throughout the zirconia lattice. Importantly, this high chemical homogeneity overcomes brittleness and supports a constant coefficient of thermal expansion, negating any risk of thermal stress and subsequent material fracture for steadfast reliability. Furthermore, with an expansion coefficient similar to steel, nanostructured 3YSZ is an ideal corrosion-resistant alternative for traditional steel components.

For optimal processability and user-handling, Innovnano’s 3YSZ can be supplied in an application-specific form - as a spray-dried granulated powder (with or without binder), suspension or slurry. João Calado, Chief Technology Officer at Innovnano, explains: “It is important for us to respond to and develop practical solutions to the increasingly demanding applications required by the ceramic industry. For this reason, we provide our powders in a range of formats, enabling our customers to explore and take advantage of the enhanced chemical and physical properties offered by a nanostructured material, but with the handling ease of conventional microstructured feedstock.”

Compared to microstructured ceramic powders, powders with an inherent nanostructure show increased chemical activity. Importantly this enables ceramics to be produced at lower sintering (processing) temperatures, reducing energy costs and minimising grain growth. In this way, the nanostructure is retained, translating to higher performance ceramic parts and increased value of the end-product.

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