Enthone Inc. and TrueLogic Company has announced the launch of enGage™ total processing monitoring. The exclusive partnership offers Enthone customers anywhere in the world a complete system specially engineered to deliver unsurpassed quality assurance of plating operations. Consistent and optimized performance is achieved by ensuring that process line efficiency is maximized and best practices are maintained.

Specifically, enGage monitors plating solutions, including chemical consumption rates. Inventory usage is continuously scrutinized to eliminate any production interruptions. An enGage app for the iPhone® is available as a FREE download by visiting the Apple® Store (search “Enthone”). The app allows 24/7 process monitoring remotely and securely. An Android® version will be launched later this year.

“24/7 process monitoring is more than accessing real-time data from your mobile device,” said Julie Gatt, Enthone enGage Manager. “Our 24/7 service includes our dedicated team of Enthone Applications Engineers. enGage is an integrated package comprising chemistry, technical expertise and the enGage system.”

With enGage, users can optimize process performance by creating personalized dashboards that provide customized data views and automated tracking. The result is improved communication and data sharing that enhances profitability by lowering chemical use and minimizing waste, while simultaneously increasing transparency and accountability.

Enthone enGage process monitoring provides a truly full-line, integrated approach to quality assurance. Unlike conventional process control software, enGage was co-developed by Enthone and TrueLogic, industry leaders in chemical and software technology, respectively. Both companies collaborated with leading applicators to ensure that the advanced software was customer-focused to meet exacting OEM coating requirements for multiple markets and applications.

“Enthone enGage represents a truly innovative approach to maximizing process performance that has—and will—continue to result in high productivity, decreased rejects and increased profitability for our customers,” said Terrence Copeland, Vice President - Enthone Americas.

Matthew Akin, TrueLogic President, added: “Customers can feel confident in knowing that they will be using the industry’s premier quality assurance technology in combination with world-class Enthone chemistry and knowledge.”

As an additional user benefit, Enthone has teamed with Wolfram Research to offer a customized WolframAlpha® organic search. Backed by the Enthone Customer Value Six Sigma (CVSS) program, the search engine provides answers by using mathematical computations to provide data-driven responses. enGage also provides access to a number of key reference materials, including the “Enthone Plating Glossary,” industry-specific calculators, and a conversion calculator.

About Enthone
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About TrueLogic
TrueLogic Company, is a software & services company that provides performance, consistency, and quality solutions for select manufacturing processes. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, the company specializes in offering flexible software packages that provide proactive management of manufacturing processes associated with chemistries and coatings. For more information, please visit http://www.truelogiccompany.com

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