The 2009 Class of Fellows is as follows:

Dr. David E. Alman, Director, Materials Performance Division, National Energy Technology Laboratory Albany, Ore., recognized for development and design of novel materials and surface structures for power generation and high temperature applications.

Dr. Teiichi Ando, Professor, Northeastern University, Boston, Mass., recognized for significant and sustained contributions to the field of microstructural design in solidification processes and for leadership in academic materials science.

Dr. Donald L. Anton, Technical Consulting Fellow, Savannah River National Laboratory, Aiken, S.C., recognized for significant and sustained contributions to materials science and technology in the areas of fatigue, superalloys, intermetallics and hydrogen storage materials and systems.

Dr. Rajiv Asthana, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, Wis., recognized for seminal contributions to cast metal-matrix composites and ceramic-metal joining.

John G. Banker, Sr. Vice President, Customers and Technology, Dynamic Materials Corporation, Boulder, Colo., recognized for lifetime contributions to the development and commercialization of explosive processing of materials.

Dr. Craig A. Blue, Program Director for Energy Materials, Industrial Technologies and Fossil Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn., recognized for pioneering the development of advanced both black-body and plasma-based infrared processing technologies, and for application of advanced materials processing technologies in industrial applications.

Michael B. Connelly, Vice President, Casey Products, Woodridge, Ill., recognized for visionary leadership in crafting and promoting international fastener quality control criteria based on metallurgical characterization and quantitative analysis.

Dr. Alan W. Cramb, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Ill., recognized for advancing the science and technology of modern steelmaking.

F. Robert Dax, Manager Project Development, Concurrent Technologies Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa., recognized for leadership in identifying and implementing novel and emerging technologies that have improved manufacturing efficiency, increased quality and reduced costs.

Gregory J. Del Corso, Manager, Carpenter Powder Laboratory, Carpenter Technology Corporation, Reading, Pa., for advancements in processing, development and marketing of powder metallurgy products and for the mentoring of materials engineers.

Dr. Gary L. Doll, Chief Technologist-Tribology, The Timken Company, Canton, Ohio, for pioneering work and international leadership in surface engineering of mechanical components, and technical contributions to the industrial use of tribological coatings.

Dr. Donald U. Gubser, Superintendent, Materials Science and Technology Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C., for advancing the understanding of new generation superconducting materials and providing technical leadership to meet materials related Defense needs.

Peter Heinrich, Manager, Thermal Spray, Linde AG, Linde Gas Division, Unterschleißheim, Germany, for numerous innovations in thermal spray coating technologies, and for exemplary service to the global thermal spray community.

Dr. Kevin J. Hemker, Professor and Chair, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., for research contributions in the understanding of deformation mechanisms, intermetallic systems and microscale mechanical testing.

Dr. Reji John, Principal Materials Research Engineer, Research Group Leader, Life Prediction of Metals, U.S .Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio, for outstanding contributions to the modeling of mechanical behavior and life prediction for advanced aerospace alloys and composite materials.

Dr. Kevin S. Jones, Professor and Chair, University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla., for scientific contributions to the understanding of how point and line defects influence the performance of ion implanted semiconductors.

Dr. Nikolai Kobasko, Director of Technology and R&D, IQ Technologies Inc., Akron, Ohio, for substantial and innovative contributions to thermal science and heat treating technologies, including development of novel quenching methods and application of computational models to thermal processes.

Dr. Seiji Kuroda, Managing Director, Hybrid Materials Center, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Ibaraki, Japan, for pioneering contributions to the field of thermal spray technology, notably in the understanding of stress evolution during deposition and the development of advanced corrosion control coatings.

Dr. Richard F. Lynch, President, Lynch & Associates, Inc., Wyckoff, N.J., for contributions to the development, commercialization and standardization of advanced non-ferrous casting and zinc-based coating technologies.

Dr. Evan Ma, Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., For significant contributions in the study of processing, structure and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline and amorphous metals and alloys.

Dr. Rajiv S. Mishra, Curators' Professor, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, Mo., for significant contributions to high temperature deformation of metallic materials and friction stir processing.

Dr. Roger J. Narayan, Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Raleigh, N.C., for pioneering contributions in biomaterials at the interface of materials and medicine specifically related to laser processing of novel functional biomaterial and applications of lasers in biomedical engineering.

Dr. Philip Nash, Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Ill., for research contributions in the field of metallurgical thermodynamics and phase equilibria of metallic systems, and for mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Ronald H. Radzilowski, Manager, Manufacturing Technology, Severstal North America, Inc., Dearborn, Mich., for significant contributions to the application of metallurgical principles to the production of ferroalloy, superalloy, stainless steels and automotive carbon steels.

Dr. Ian M. Robertson, Donald B. Willett Professor of Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill., for pioneering studies using time-resolved transmission electron microscopy to study metal deformation processes in aggressive environments, as well as production and annihilation of defects.

James J. Scutti, Principal Engineer, Codman Neurovascular, Codman & Shurtleff (a Johnson & Johnson Co.), Raynham, Mass., for outstanding contributions to the development of new and improved medical devices, industrial and aerospace products, and for outstanding service to ASM International.

The Fellows of ASM will be honored during an Annual Awards Banquet of ASM International, to be held during the MS&T 2009 event in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, Oct. 27.