Atotech recently invested in the expansion of three TechCenters in Asia, one of its biggest markets. The locations are as follows:

The TechCenter in Jangan, South Korea, is fully equipped with pilot lines and laboratories for analytical and material science services. It now also features a new Clean Room for the ENEPIG pilot line for semiconductor applications. In addition to the pilot lines for desmear / PTH, Panel / pattern plating, surface treatment technology and final finishes as vertical lines as well as for Uniplate / LB as horizontal line.

The TechCenter in Shanghai, China, built in 2003, has nearly doubled its size to approximately 5,000 m². It is especially dedicated to assist customers in advanced PCB and HDI & IC substrate production in East China. The sample plating capabilities of this TechCenter ainclude, amongst others: vertical Seleo-CP processes and a vertical electroless Ni, electroless Pd and immersion gold line, which enables us to do ENIG.

The TechCenter in Guanyin, Taiwan, is an addition to the existing manufacturing plant. Besides different pilot lines and laboratories for electronics and general metal finishing, it is also equipped with the new semiconductor equipment and test methods. State-of-the-art plating lines for PTH, PP and a horizonatal Uniplate (IP II) for substrates are part of it. The latest accumulation is a CovaBond installation system. Atotech GuanYin is the second Atotech site with a FIB investigation laboratory.

"With its ongoing TechCenter expansion strategy, Atotech is best positioned to effectively assist its customers now and in the future," said Hannes Hofmann, who is responsible for fraining, know-how and TechCenters at Atotech Deutschland GmbH in Berlin, Germany.

For more details on TechCenter locations, please see Atotech's information page.