According to Atotech, separate approvals were gained utilizing two different adhesion promoters: Interlox® 5705, a phosphate-free, chrome-free, adhesion promoter, and Interlox® 338, a trivalent chromium-based adhesion promoter. Both processes were approved after rigorous testing. All test components were cleaned by UniPrep® bioremediated cleaners, providing long-life and low temperature operation. These approvals represent the first successful QUALICOAT submissions where sample parts were treated with bioremediated cleaners.

The QUALICOAT approval was finalized in the second half of 2009 by the QUALICOAT certification body located in Zurich, following the completion of extensive qualification testing at IFO, or Institut für Oberflaechentechnik GmbH, in Germany.

“Finding quality, consistently performing coating systems is a challenge when considering the coating applicator’s ongoing migration to lower cost regions and desire to implement new environmentally compliant technologies,” said John Kochilla, Worldwide Business Manager for Paint Support Technologies. “The QUALICOAT approval program assists those seeking high-quality coatings by independently verifying performance.”