Atotech hosted 90 guests from 15 European countries at its Berlin headquarters April 15 -16. This European POP Summit 2010, presented for the second time, cast a light on the key trends in the sanitary and automotive industries while confirming Atotech’s position in addressing the challenge of sustainable development, Atotech executives said. 

During the Summit, Atotech guided the visitors on a tour of the POP/DECO pilot line and introduced them to the recently installed At-line/On-line Automatic Analytical System. Meeting the highest demands for quality and efficiency of plating processes, Atotech’s on-line analytics ensure maximum control over the line by performing a whole range of automated analyses, from titration and spectrometry to cromathography and physical parameters’ measurements. As a result, rework rate and process cost are considerably reduced.

Furthermore, visitors were acquainted with the innovative technologies of Atotech’s auxiliary equipment–among others, Satilume® LongLife, an advanced filtration and dosing equipment stabilizing the production of satin nickel finishes throughout a high and steady quality 5-days bath life, and the Trichrome® Ion Exchanger system, conceived to prolong TriChrome® electrolytes' life through continuous removal of metallic impurities.
Atotech’s guests also had the opportunity to attend to diverse presentations held by Atotech’s managers, concerning state-of-the-art decorative finishes. There was a particular focus on Atotech’s green technologies and overall sustainable solutions.