Laurent Vaucenat, global account manager for Nissan at BASF’s Coatings Division, called Nissan a "successful global company" and a 'very important customer" with whom BASF has been working closely for a long time. "Innovative solutions and services, as well as our leading-edge technologies, have convinced Nissan to extend their collaboration with us in Smyrna now, too.” Especially the 3 Wet waterborne coating technique, which is used in Smyrna, but also, for example, in Huadu (China) played a major part. 

The most notable advantage of the 3 Wet waterborne system is the elimination of one drying phase. Previously, car bodies required two 30-minute rounds in the drying oven, after application of the primer, and the basecoat/clearcoat. In the new method, these three layers are applied wet-on-wet, and then subsequently dried. This shortened process leads to shorter production time, less energy consumption, streamlined paint lines and – above all – lower emissions.


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