BASF plans to present many different products and services at the European Coatings Show 2013 (ECS) in Nuremberg, March 19-21. Specifically, BASF will provide information on its range of innovative resins, additives, dispersions, pigments, pigment preparations, specialty monomers and specialty vinyl monomers.

A preview of the BASF products that will be on display: 

  • The Bismuth Vanadate pigment Sicopal® Yellow EH 1567 (L 1130). With features such as high color strength, increased opacity and exterior durability, this new pigment is designed to meet the needs of the decorative, industrial and automotive coatings markets. It offers an ideal solution for customers wanting a lead-free formulation of especially bright and durable yellow shades.
  • The new Dispex® Ultra PX 4575 boasts benchmark performance in inorganic pigments, providing improved color development and lower viscosities in order to help reduce pigment usage or increase pigment loading. This product innovation meets the requirements of the European eco-label for indoor and outdoor paints and varnishes (2009/544/EC and 2009/543/EC). It is designed for coating manufacturers who are looking for dispersing agent solutions with top performance in the growing market segment of water-based coatings.
  • Another highlight is the new binder Acronal® Edge 6295 for high-performance exterior paints. This binder boasts excellent color retention and hydrophobicity and a long durability, making it the ideal solution for increasing the durability of façade paints and picking up on the trend towards intense color shades.

“Due to our combined know-how, we are able to support our customers in formulation and processes,”  Ralf Spettmann, head of the Pigments & Resins Europe business unit, explained.
Christoph Hansen, head of the Dispersions for Adhesives & Construction Europe business unit, added: “We are especially looking forward to an active exchange with our customers at the ECS. There, we will present several tailor-made launch products that respond to some of the current market challenges.”

BASF, through its broad coating raw material portfolio, targets key end-use industries around the globe. Among them: Architectural Coatings & Construction, Industrial Coatings, Automotive Coatings and Furniture & Flooring Coatings industries.

Visit BASF's stand No. 523 in hall 7A at the 2013 European Coatings Show.