Asterion will be headquartered in the former Benchmark Products facility in Indianapolis and will serve as the production and manufacturing center for the new company. A research and development facility will be operated in the Cleveland suburb of Independence, Ohio.

New Surface Technologies is known for its technologically advanced line of zinc plating additives and conversion coatings, whereas Benchmark Products has maintained a broad line of high-performance metal finishing chemistries from pretreatment and cleaning products to decorative and functional plating bath additives, post treatment corrosion enhancement products, specialty filter media and fume suppressants. Asterion will provide the best of both the New Surface Technologies and Benchmark Products product lines, offering advanced technology with superior customer and technical service. All of the products will be manufactured by Asterion in accordance with the rigorous standards of ISO 9001:2000 registered quality system.

“I cannot be happier to be forming Asterion with Benchmark Products,” said Roger Sowinski, president of New Surface Technologies. “The cultures of both companies are a great fit, and I have the highest respect for the people of Benchmark Products. We truly complement each other’s strengths. Asterion will be a market leader in the metal finishing industry.”

Blair Vandivier, president of Benchmark Products, echoed Sowinski’s sentiments. “The people of Benchmark Products and New Surface Technologies work well together,” he said. “Asterion is a joining of equals and the result is truly synergistic. Asterion will be greater than the sum of its parts. The New Surface Technologies products are excellent and the high-performance trivalent processes are outstanding. All of our customers will benefit from the expanded product offerings Asterion will provide”

Blair Vandivier will be the president and CEO of Asterion, while Roger Sowinski will be the senior vice president and chief technology officer.

For additional information contact Blair Vandivier at 317-875-0051 or via e-mail.