While this is the V-Twin industry’s first time seeing the name Clearline associated with the Rinehart Racing line, it is not Clearline’s first experience with Rinehart. Under Rinehart’s previous manufacturing arrangement, Clearline was responsible for product polishing, finishing and chroming. In addition to Clearline, numerous other suppliers, fabricators and vendors already involved in the manufacturing process will continue to perform their established role under the new arrangement. Vendors new to the Rinehart line are those replacing the portion of fabrication that was previously performed by BUB Enterprises.

“Clearline Industries is honored to be awarded this momentous opportunity with Rinehart Racing and proud to be associated with one of the most renowned names in the exhaust industry,” said James Trotter, vice president of business development, Clearline. “Because of our prior involvement and experience with the Rinehart product, we are confident we have the team in place to meet the demands of the industry, both in quality and quantity. This new arrangement will take our expertise in manufacturing as demonstrated in the specific facet of chroming and polishing and create greater superiority in a product that already surpasses industry standards.”

Clearline Industries, headquartered in Traer, Iowa, was formed with Midwest work ethics and 30 years’ experience to service the transportation industry. Manufacturing of the product line will take place at Clearline’s corporate and manufacturing headquarters, as well as in Minneapolis, Minn.

Gerald Rinehart, founder and president of Rinehart Racing, explained the logic behind the selection of Clearline Industries as a partner. “In exploring candidates, we put potential manufacturers through a rigorous test to determine the depth of their qualifications,” he said. “Clearline unmistakably exemplified the highest standard of commitment and dedication to take every step necessary to manufacture a premium product. They clearly exude a level of motivation and passion far exceeding any other manufacturer in the industry.”