Columbia Chemical’s success story as a manufacturer and exporter of zinc and zinc alloy plating additives to Korea has been featured in the recent article published by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, U.S.-Korea Trade Agreement (KORUS): Opportunities for the U.S. Chemical Sector, as proposed by the International Trade Administration.

KORUS seeks to eliminate tariffs on companies’ exports to Korea, stimulating economic growth and job creation within the industry by providing an advantage in the highly price-sensitive and competitive foreign market. Columbia Chemical, along with their Korean representative Daekweon Jung of IDEA Corp., will directly benefit from KORUS by having the opportunity to offer more affordable solutions to the Korean market.

For more information, contact Columbia Chemical Corporation, 1000 Western Drive, Brunswick, OH 44212, 330/225-3200, Columbia Chemical is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of zinc and zinc-alloy plating additives.