The Ebara-Udylite Mexico team's objective in participating in Columbia Chemical’s three-day training session was to gain the highest level of efficiency in serving their customers' needs within their own lab, from answering questions to troubleshooting and fast sample turn-around. Special emphasis was placed on updated methods applied to analytical procedures.

Columbia Chemical's technical team also provided the Ebara-Udylite Mexico representatives with training to strengthen their core product knowledge which concentrated on COLZINC ACF II, COLSID AP, COLDIP TRI-V products and SpectraMATE 25. Additionally, information was provided on the Zinc Nickel processes which include COLLOY AZN 100 and COLLOY Ni-Z-Posit.

"The Ebara-Udylite Mexico representatives were extremely focused and results driven," said Kristen Melnek, technical service representative. "They can return and share this knowledge with their colleagues and begin applying it for immediate effectiveness within their lab."