Western Digital, one of the leading hard disc drives manufacturers in the world, has named Coventya the recipient of its 2012 Supplier of the Year Award. Coventya has been an approved supplier to Western Digital since 2007. 
Electroless nickel plating on hard discs is widely viewed as the largest and most demanding application for EN in the world.
“It’s always nice for our entire data storage team to gain recognition for their hard work and commitment, but this industry offers little time to reflect on awards," said Nilesh Mistry, Coventya's international product manager for data storage. "Storage demands increase on a regular basis and delivering a nearly zero defect EN film in a high production environment requires nothing short of perfection. Our R&D works tirelessly to keep our technology in lockstep with these challenges.”
Dr. Alan Ruffini, Coventya's chief technical officer, added; “Success in this very difficult application delivers significant benefits to our global electroless nickel customer base as well. As EN technology advances for data storage, it has had a direct impact on the level of innovation in our conventional electroless nickel portfolio.”
For more information on Coventya's award-winning ENOVA electroless nickel, please visit www.coventya.com.