DuPont's new Innovation Center, its tenth overall and the second in the EMEA region,1 will be focused on application development for various industries, such as automotive, cosmetics, industrial and food packaging, construction and sporting goods. The goal of the new Innovation Center, according to Mark P. Vergnano, executive vice president, is to leverage the power of DuPont’s global network and give customers access to DuPont’s 9,500 scientists and engineers around the world via interactive on-site and remote video conferencing.

“As a science company, we believe innovation is an inclusive process," Vergnano explained. "Connecting our scientists and customers in Geneva to our broader scientist network around the world will help accelerate the innovation rate, redefine existing products and open new market segments. Science-powered innovation is the engine that drives DuPont. Together with our partners, we are applying our vast range of scientific expertise and knowledge to address some of the world’s most complex problems in the areas of food, energy and protection.”

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1. Europe, Middle East & Africa