Duralar Technologies, which makes ultra-hard metal coatings has named Coating Technologies (CTI) as the company's authorized provider of Duralar coatings.

Duralar’s coatings that can cover both the internal and external surfaces of metallic component in order to improve performance and increase the longevity of products in a range of industries. They can be applied with high deposition speeds, enabling thicker coatings to be made when required. Also, certain Duralar coatings can be simultaneously applied to both the inside and outside surfaces.

Duralar sells its coating systems to product manufacturers and commercial metal finishing operations such as CTI.

‘Duralar coatings are adding important new capabilities to CTI's offerings,’ said CTI wner Robert Barrkman. ‘For example, Duralar's ArmorLube coating combines exceptional hardness with permanent dry lubrication, making it a natural for all the firearms manufacturers we work with.’

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