Representatives from Elsyca, a Leuven, Belguim-based company specializing in
numerical modelling technology to predict and optimize electrochemical processes such as electroplating, plans to hold a Lecture Series on “Transport Phenomena in Electrochemical Processes” at the world renown von Karman Institute in Belgium from Nov. 30–Dec. 4, 2009.

The objective of the “Transport Phenomena in Electrochemical Processes” lecture series, according to Elsyca, is to present a state-of-the-art review of ongoing activities in electrochemical processes and to outline current research directions. Introductory lectures on the fundamentals of multiscale transport phenomena, in particular for electrochemical processes, will be followed by up-to-date reviews on numerical modelling and experimental results in single and two-phase flows. The role of mass transfer, gas evolution and heat transfer are discussed in depth throughout the program. The lecturers will also give an appraisal of the future challenges and perspectives in the domain.

This lecture series will be presented by recognized specialists in the field. These include Professor Johan Deconinck, chairman of the board of Elsyca, and Dr. Gert Nelissen, Research and Technology development manager, Elsyca.

For more information, please visit the Karman Institute’s website or contact Elsyca.